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Planning your stay in New Zealand

A collection of articles to support you during the planning and decision phase of your New Zealand travels.

New Zealand Travel Checklist     New Zealand Travel Expense Planner (PDF)
Visa requirements for New Zealand    Getting to New Zealand 
Money, cost and prices in New Zealand    Motifs on New Zealand banknotes and coins 
When to come to New Zealand    Temperature, sunshine and rainfall charts 
List of airlines in New Zealand
   Accommodation types in New Zealand
New Zealand  destinations
   New Zealand travel apps

  • Will you automatically receive a visa for New Zealand?
  • How can you book your flights?
  • Where can you make stopovers?
  • How can you save money in New Zealand?
  • What are typical prices?
  • How do you best change money?
  • What can you see on New Zealand banknotes and coins?
  • How much money will you have to spend?
  • Did you pack everything?
  • What is the climate and how are the seasons?
  • How much rainfall and sunshine can you expect?
  • What New Zealand destinations are most popular?
  • How should I plan my travel itinerary?
  • What travel apps should I download?

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